Children learn quickly before age 7 with their minds absorbing information at a higher rate. This period is called the Absorbent mind.
It is therefore prudent to teach your child a second or third language since this is the stage children learn languages quickly. Our school’s bilingual program make English the main mode of instruction with French as the second language. So why waste this precious stage bring your child to Liz International Montessori for optimum utilization of your child’s potential.


The school provide First Aid for minor ailments and refer major ailment to its affiliated hospital nearby before parents are called to allay any form of anxiety.
The school has a special health program for the children. Regular health checks will be done by a visiting pediatric nurse and doctor. Health education will also be given to the kids. This is to improve their health. Parents are therefore advised to make the school aware of any allergy or health issue their wards may have.

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